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HELP! Car bodywork damage

I have been to a garage to get my car resprayed and after the job I noticed there was some sort of overspray I think on my car I’m trying to figure out what it is and how it can be fixed. Any ideas?

That could be over-spray guard, a film that is sprayed onto surfaces to protect them from over-spray. If it doesn’t wash off with water return to the body shop.


Yes, I have an idea . Ask the place that did the work you paid for . If you take some internet advice that makes things worse then they don’t have to do anything.


Unfortunately the garage had denied everything, so I am left without advice on what it is that they had got on the car from research it looks like over spray or something to do with the lacquer I’m unsure

Well , you could have put in your original post that the body shop was contacted . So I guess your next step is a detail shop or another paint shop . Doesn’t the body shop you used have an owner or manager that can solve this ?