Overspray removal


Several vehicles at my place of employment, including mine, were accidently sprayed with some kind of coating that workers were putting on the parking lot. The insurance co. is offering to have the spray removed from the vehicles by a company out of Texas called Detail Masters or we can go the normal route, file a claim, get estimates and so on. Has anyone had an experience of this type or with Detail Masters?


I had some roofers splatter my car with roofing tar. I had to go the normal route and do all of the leg work myself. If I had been offered a more hassle free option, I would have first done a bit of investigating on the company to make sure they’re reputable and making sure there was some satisfaction guarantee before allowing them to do the work. You kind of have to do that part no matter which route you go but then you eliminate the rest of the hassle of the claims process since they are under contract from the company that did the damage.


Did the removal do any damage to the paint finish?


The removal didn’t do any damage but the hot tar affected the clearcoat. They had to do some polishing to restore the finish.