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Car window stuck open with gorilla glue

I dripped gorilla glue into the driver side window well of my Hyundai Sonata, and the electric window is stuck in the down (open) position. Not great for keeping dry, or keeping my car from getting broken into! Any ideas?

Well? The inner door panel has to come off to figure out where the glue landed and is preventing the window from operating.

In the mean time, you can go to a local home improvement center and purchase an acrylic sheet of plastic used on patio doors and cut it out in the shape of the window, and tape it in place on the inside with clear duct tape. It looks like a window rolled up and keeps the weather out until the window can be fixed.


If you know where it’s stuck and you can get a blade in there, I think scraping should do the trick. I imagine it’s glued to the trim at the top of the door. You should be able to get a razor scraper in there. Alternatively, you can pull the door panel to inspect the window mech and see where it’s sticking. How much glue are we talking, a couple drops? half-bottle?

It doesn’t take much force to stop the window from moving. It’s a safety feature to keep you from getting your arm or neck stuck in the way of a rising window. As the others said, you should be able to free the window once you know exactly where it is stuck. BTW, if it is stuck in the track on either side of the window, you may need to replace the track gasket. The inner door panel can be pried off once you remove a bolt or two, usually located in the arm rest. I finally got a pry tool that is meant for demating plastic fasteners. You can get one for a couple bucks or so at an auto parts store.

Just curious what you were gluing in the first place? Did the window work fine prior to the dripping of glue into the window well? Were you trying to adhere the rubber gaskets in place? More info please.