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Help! Animals are eating holes in my car cover

We live in an urban neighborhood with plenty of smaller wildlife-birds,squirrels,possums,and racoons-but no deer or bears. For the last year or so I have kept my Mercedes covered with a ty-vek car cover. Suddenly, this week, something has started to tear or chew holes in the cover, first small ones, then larger ones. Could it be birds or squirrels? Why are they interested in the cover? How can I stop them?

My vote is for squirrels or mice. There are several ways of dealing with them, but the most effective is poison.(Decon) I keep the poison behind a garage door where only small rodents/animals can enter. I would not recomend it in urban areas with small domestic animals.

A n effective safe trap is to put a wire secured and laced with peanut butter accross the top of a plastic bucket half filled with water to drown the rodent. Then place a ramp from the ground to the top of the bucket near one end of the wire. Regular traps work but you have to keep checking them. The bucket just needs to be “emptied” once a week. The bigger the bucket, the more effective. My guess too is that if you could lower the bucket into a hole to ground level it might be more effective.

Spray the cover with Tabasco Sauce or Pepper Spray. Check under the hood of your Benz for wiring damage…(same solution)