Problem with squirrels

Squirrels have gotten under the hood of my daughter’s car and eaten the wires. What can we do to keep them out? She needs to leave her car outside.

The people I know that set one of these up usually get rid of their rodent problem.


simple solution, open the hood to make it cold in there.

My dog marks my tires every now and then, it has been squirrel free. In fact he marks all over the yard and it is a very rare instance when you see a squirrel anywhere in the yard that is not high up in a tree. He keeps the rabbits away too!

hahaaa…the squirrels would be too busy rolling around the driveway in fits of laughter to bother chewing wires.

since jsutter made that comment it reminded me of an accidental solution we found to our raccoon problem.

got cats?

put a can of cat poo with a perforated lid near, under where you put the car. the aroma may help deter the squirrels. i found squirrels and squirrels don’t like the smell of cats. cheap fix. (maybe)

I’m trying a mixture of coyote urine and the hottest hot sauce I can find sprayed on wireds something rodenty is chewing.