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I am writing on behalf of my client who is an avid listener of your show. He first wanted me to let you know that he loves your show and content. He owns a 1999 Mercedes C230 Kompressor with about 36k miles now. The problem is, when he backs out of his garage and he drives a few minutes or so, the car has a sudden jerk like as if you are hitting a curb or a big pothole. It is intermittent. He has talked with his service advisor at a local Mercedes dealership, but he seemed to think it was no big deal. I was sitting with my client, Dr. Mikhail, and he asked me if I had heard of your show. He does not have internet access and requested for me to write to you guys on his behalf. Thanks for your help and I am a new fan now.


First…We are NOT Tom and Ray…just regular folks…some are trained mechanics…others are just car enthusiasts.

Find a different mechanic…maybe one that specializes in transmissions.

Sounds like a big deal to me. Like already said above he needs a trans. specialist to check it out.

And don’t limit yourself to Benz dealers, either. Find a good, local transmission specialist.

FWIW, I would avoid real names (and phone number, etc, if it is real) in Internet postings. This has been hashed multiple times (and on multiple boards, I’m sure) and I think I’d get resounding agreement.