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99 gcl

please help. my 99 jeep grand cherokee l. jerks when i step on the gas or when i get off the gas. what could this be? it has the 4.0l.

the jerk is side to side lol i know it will jerk forward lol

I’m not sure why so many people think that all electronics communication is now to be done as some kind of texting. I suppose more and more people just are actually “texting” - i.e. sending from phone like devices and it is just cumbersome to actually say stuff and use sentences.

Anyway, chico, you actually drive the car everyday and are able to see it and hear it and look at it, and even take it to a mechanic, and you want to send about 15 words into cyberspace and have an answer? You even forgot to say that you meant jerking side to side? Do you suppose cyberspace is some sort of an oracle with magical powers?

Despite the fact that you haven’t actually said anything, you need to have your driveshafts and motor/transmission mounts inspected to start.

If that doesn’t sound right you could always try a good description of your vehicle, its history, and its symptoms - in full sentences. With capital letters and everything.



But thanks any way but i have done that and my shop dose not know why it is still doing it.

Does the collective “we” play Twenty Questions to find out what you have done?