1994 Marquis


Car problem


> I own a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis

>with only about 45,000 miles on it! This

>vehicle is driven only in winter in Arizona

>when I choose to fly there to escape our

>Minnesota snowy climate.


> For the last few winters, when the car

>shifts there is a jerk, or a hesitation in

>the motor. This happens often, but not all

>the time and it seemed to be getting

>worse. I took it to a man who is

>supposed to be an expert on transmissions

>to see if there was a problem. He sent me

>to an auto service shop next-door where

>they gave it a “complete tune-up”. This

>did not solve the problem. When it was

>driven in a higher altitude the jerk seemed

>to be quite a bit worse although it gave no

>other trouble on that trip. Do you think

>he was just giving some business to his

>friend next-door before he started fixing a

>transmission problem for me?


> I am 80 years old and I do not want to

>drive a car out of town that may get



> Any help you can give me will be

>greatly appreciated.





Since you seem to be getting no action here try posting at www.crownvic.net. It would be difficult for me to make any suggestions since I can not feel the ?jerk?. Someone certainly has checked the fluid level. Does it jerk when you both accelerate hard and at a leisurely pace? Does it jerk when you shift it manually from first to second to D?