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Heating and air conditioning not starting after key left in ignitionVolvo V70

I left my keys in the ignition switch in the on position (forward) and ran to catch a train. When I came back the battery was 95% dead, the inside of the car was clicking furiously, and there was 6 inches of snow on the car.
After I jumped it, the car started quickly, but the heated seats, heating and cooling system did not work. The radio works, but no lights on the dashboard for heating and cooling.
I can’t find my haynes manual and it seems all the fuses I can see (transparent), are fine.
The car starts normally, but struggles to run.
So did I burn out my computer or something?



I cannot select the vehicle or the model, it is a 2002 volvo v70.

It sounds like you might want to first charge your battery fully with a charger… After you have charged it fully disconnect either battery cable for about 3 minutes. Then reconnect it, be sure both cables are clean and tight while you are at it.

Your computer may be in a funk from the slow battery drain and subsequent jump etc… See what happens after a full batt charge and a full reset of the system by disconnecting one of the leads. It may come back to normal just like that. If it does not…then we need to dig deeper.