2000 Volvo V70 intermittent start problems - NO ONE CAN DIAGNOSE! HELP!

I have a Volvo V70 (2000) car with a totally misterious problem – no mechanic can help us (private, dealerships). The problem: when we start the car, it will turnover (start) then immediately stop. When we recrank, sometimes it will start (then stop immediately again) or not turn over. This can happen for up to 15 minutes. But THEN it will start and run fine! This doesn’t do this everytime we start the car. There’s no rhyme or reason. Same in hot, same in cold weather. It’s parked in a heated and cooled garage year round. Some times, the car will start right up with no problem and weeks will go by then … here it goes again! The dealerships hook it to a computer (for $80) and say “sorry, can’t help you! No codes show up!” and OF COURSE, when we leave it at the mechanics, they can’t get it to do the not starting thing. UGH!! We’ve spent probably $1K just trying to diagnose this thing. Please help anyone!!

This is just a guess, but starting and running are two different functions. When the key is in start position, all items except the ignition and fuel injection is disconnected. When the key is released, all the items except the starter are connected. When the car immediately quits and the ignition switch is in the run position, see if the radio plays, the fuel gauge registers, etc. If not, the problem may be in the ignition switch.

It could be the ignition switch. It could also be that the chip key is defective, or the security system isn’t reading that you are using the properly coded chip key.

If you have multiple sets of keys determine if the problem is occuring only when a particular key is used.

Having had two Volvo V70XC’s (a '98 and '00) my best suggestion is to sell or trade the car. Mine were the most expensive cars to maintain and repair I’ve ever experienced. Cut your losses and sell it.

I would guess the trouble is with the fuel system. Possibly a faulty fuel pump relay. When the trouble happens again try spraying some starter fluid into the intake air duct. If the engine tries to run again and then dies the trouble is with the fuel delivery system. If the engine still does react with the fluid then the ignition system needs to be checked for proper operation.

I do not know any more than I know but is it possible that there is a bug in your antenna ring?

My car would do that and no codes could be accessed then finally after sometime they screwed me and replaced bothe the 50 dolar ring and the 150-200 computer chip.

I almost think your car has one since every volvo I have had since 1996 has come with then and they cannot be disabled. Maybe your key is slightly worn thus isn’t always recognized.
As I recall the antenna ring allows car to turnover but then it shuts off. Theft prevention.

I wanted it completely disabled which they say cnnot be done. I wanted to know how could I steal my own car

Guessing is Good!! We’re at wits end. I haven’t checked to see if the radio is working when this does this - I certainly will check!!

I’ve tried two keys and the mysterious symptoms of unknown origin happens with both. So far we’ve had to major $$ hits as the ETS module was covered under warranty. Did the 98-2000 year models have reoccuring issues?

Will Try!!! Once the car starts, it runs fine with no sputtering at all.

So this happened to yours too? That has to be a huge clue to our mysterious mystery! What is a 50 dollar ring (antenna ring?) and computer chip (is this $150-$200?)? Is this something we can replace ourselves? Your help is VERY MUCH appreciated!!!

The antenna “ring” is part of the chip key security system. It is located next to the ignition switch. Not an easy DIY item.

If you have several cars keep the keys for each car separate from each other. It is possible for the security system to read the wrong key and disable the car. Don’t keep keys for several cars on the same key ring and see if this makes any difference.

It is also possible the chip keys are old and need to be replaced. Not a cheap item since either a locksmith or Volvo dealer must be used.