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Cold car

Hi-- I am very un-savvy about car mechanics. This morning my car would not start (and I am assuming that it had something to do with the 0 degree temperature, since it has not had a problem starting other times). I tried to get a jump start, but even that did not work. When I was trying to start the car I didn’t hear any ignition sounds.

I recently got a new battery and I wanted to see if there could be any relationship with my car all of a sudden not working and this recent car work.

any suggestions?



Need more information.

Would the car turn over??


When you turned the key, exactly what happened? Did the starter make any noise at all? Did any of the electrical accessories in the car come on?

…and provide information on the battery replacement. What led up to that? What was checked or tested to lead someone to replace it?

I dont know what it means for the car to turn over… but it is a 2003 VW jetta.

the starter didn’t make any noise… there was nothing that even sounded like the beginning of an ignition, even when the car was hooked up to the other car by jumper cables.

the lights on the dash did come on (like they normally do when I turn the car on)… as did the radio (which I turned off hoping that it would help not waste any extra energy)

does this info help?

The check engine light came on, and I brought to the garage to see what was happening. They fixed it and also said the battery needed replacing, which they did.

The cold weather isn’t the problem. The START signal isn’t getting from the ignition switch to the starter. This can be caused by several things. One of the switches between the ignition switch and the starter isn’t working, or, the ignition switch, itself, is defective.
You need an automotive electricain or capable mechanic.

What exactly happens and what do you hear when you turn the key trying to start it?

Just last year my mother-in-law’s car wouldn’t turn over…and they were wondering why since the dealer just installed a new battery…well the dealer CHARGED them for a new battery…but it was NOT a new battery…my brother-in-law put in a new battery and it started right up.

This cold weather KILLS batteries. AAA makes more calls in weather like this then any other time of the year…and 99.99%…NEW BATTERY.

Either the battery is bad OR there’s a problem with the ignition circuit someplace.

Since you said the starter did not make any noise, but the dash lights were on, I’m going to assume the battery is good and go from there. Is the car an automatic or a stick? If it’s an automatic, try starting it in neutral instead of in park. There’s a switch that prevents you from starting the car in gear (aptly named the neutral safety switch), and if it’s failing, the engine won’t turn over. (crank) If it’s a stick, you have a similar switch on the clutch pedal. If it fails, same result. The ignition switch could also be at fault, or the battery terminal connections, starter relay, or the starter itself. (or possibly the battery, as there’s not enough info here to say with 100% certainty that it’s not your problem.