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740 volvo no start condition

replacd ect and now car won’t start

checked all fuses and relays and swapped with known good spares

onboard diagnostic says all good except cold start valve

cleaned iac, cleaned flame trap new plugs wires, cap and rotor.

car will start but dies immediately, with new plugs it started right up and ran for a minute then stalled

pulled fuel line and cranked engine got fuel had a friend help on that one.

checked listed all known suspects and still wont start and stay running stumped

help ( yes i have gas, relays click onboard diagnostic clicks all that is should except cold start valve, tsp checks out also with onboard diagnsotic

check injectr rail replaced o rings man fun but all good to go but still it cranks and fires for 5 secs then dies ugh help

When you replaced the car’s computer, did you have Volvo reprogram it? It maybe some kind of anti-theft system that needs a special code entered to tell the computer the car is not being stolen.