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Heating/AC issue

In the front of the van the heating and ac work fine, but for the rear control it only throws heat for the 2nd and 3rd rows. I have as cool as it can go and ac turned on, any reason why it’s not throwing any cool air?

Can’t tell ya.

They made changes to the HVAC system on the Town & Country over the years.

Without knowing the year, it’s anybody’s guess.


Sorry it’s a 2006 town and country

  1. Low refrigerant charge.

  2. Rear refrigerant lines blocked (modified?..owned since new?).

  3. Rear blend door problem (does air air blow out top vent?).

I think it’s more likely #2 or #mazda3

If it was a low charge, I would think the front wouldn’t even get cold . . . ?

But I’m not familiar with these mopar minivans, in any case