Rear heat issues (2001 Town and Country Limited)

My wife’s '01 T & C has been acting up lately. At the same time (coincidence?) the front blower stopped working and the rear heat only blew cold air. I live in MN and this happed at a rear tough time. So this had to be fixed quickly.

I did some research and found that the rear heating system was “independent” of the front heating. The rear has it’s own blower (and heater core too…I think?).

I fixed issue #1 being the front system. I only needed a new blower resistor module ($70 and only available through dealer). Once that part was in, the front blower worked fine and heat kicked through it.

I thought fixing that would fix issue #2, but while the front system is blowing hot air…the rear is still blowing cold air.

Now let me add… this van has the auto climate control (driver/passenger/rear). I can turn the rear system off, and the front will still heat up the entire van fine. My wife still insists it be fixed and for that I will not argue.

Any ideas?



Try the test/recalibration procedure here:

I wonder if the problem may be due to a vent door position in the wrong position.