2017 Buick Encore - Rear heat is wonky

The rear ac is blowing hot air when trying to get cool air, never used it before today. doesir need freon or what?

Sorry, but I can’t check it from here. The hoses on my gauge set just aren’t that long. No one can tell you the state of charge in your system over the internet.

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Highly doubt front and rear AC are two totally separate units, therefore unlikely low on refrigerant.


Hi Shep. I test new cars for Car Talk. One thing I have learned about SUVs with individual rear systems is that you can be driven crazy by the rear HVAC system being set to something you don’t want up-front. I hope it is as simple as closely checking the settings back there.

The blend door actuator that directs hot or cold air from the vents may be defective.


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