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Little or no heat in my mini van

My 2005 Town and Country seems to push out much less heat than previous years. If I put the blower on anything higher than one notch up I feel cool air. I am suspecting the thermostat but have not taken action yet. Is there any other likely cause?

It could be the thermostat, or a control problem (vacuum electronic or mechanical I don’t know which your car has) or a cooling system problem or even a water pump problem (although it is a little early for that to be likely. We can’t check those for you, but most mechanics can do it very quickly and easily.

Has your radiator coolant been replaced? Most 2005 cars should have had their coolant replaced by now. Check your owner’s manual for when or if they recommend replacement.

I would think thermostat. If you are due for a coolant change, combine the two, as it is usually recommended to replace the thermostat anytime you replace the coolant.

If you have not performed already make sure the coolant level is proper.