Heater mode switch not working in a "04 Chrysler T&C

The heater mode switch is not changing the air direction. The blower switch is working fine. No matter where you turn the heat mode switch The air is stuck blowing cold at the passenger feet and slight movement of heated air (the temperature can be adjusted) from the panel vents, more to the right side, none to the windshield.

I have an "02 T&C that I can use for parts if needed. If you have any ideas to the problem I would appreciate them.

You have a parts can, but do you have a repair manual? It would be helpful for you.

These controls are often vacuum operated. If it is all completely dead the place to start searching is under the hood, probably on the passenger’s side near the firewall. Look for disconnected or broken vacuum line. If that’s good the next place to go is under the dash. This is why a repair manual can come in handy.

The HVAC system has a mode you can check for faults. I can’t remember how to access the mode without the manual. If you are going to work on this yourself you would be wise in investing in the factory service manual.