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Heater problems chrysler 2012 t&c

I have A 2012 Chrysler T&C purchased new Sept. 2012. At times heat comes from one side and cold from the other. Varies which side is cold or hot. Had problem from start and Chrysler said was working on solution. Had back to dealer many times with no fix. Warm weather came, no problem. Cold weather now here and same problem. Chrysler’s fix was turn heat control all the way up then back down. Any one else have this problem?

No Chrysler experience myself. But since you get heat from one side, the heat exchanger must be working and getting proper coolant flow in and out. That’s a good thing. You must be having a problem with the vent doors. From what I can see, Chrysler used electrical stepper motors to control these vent doors. I’ve heard of a lot of complaints about stepper motors – not necessarily Chrysler’s, but stepper motors in general – being unreliable for this purpose. But since that is what you have, that is what needs fixing probably. You might want to take a look at this link for more info.

“Chrysler Cirrus heater problem. When I move the heater control module knob to the various positions the air does not come out of the correct vents. The major one I am having a problem with is the air being directed out of the top front window defrost vent. No defrost at all.”

Isn’t there separate controls for the left and right side ? My Dodge has. you can adjust the temp for either side.

I suspect the control unit for the climate control is bad. That should have been the first thing the dealer swapped out. The unit also has built-in diagnostics and will tell a (competent) mechanic if a sensor or actuator is malfunctioning. It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out what’s wrong with the resources of a dealership. Maybe time to try a different dealer?

My 1994 would do some strange things like this before I replaced the control unit, which took all of 10 minutes to do. To get by before I replaced it, I also would turn the temp all the way to one end, then back, which would apparently recalibrate it. Other than the flaky unit I replaced with an ebay replacement, I’ve had far less problems with this electrically-operated system than with the vacuum-controlled systems I’ve had on other cars.