Heater problem-no heat

Just bought a used car in florida and drove it non-stop to NYS-1500 miles.When I got into SC I needed heat and found out that it does not work.An majoe snow storm was coming into the south east so I drove straight through to not get caught up in the frozen windshield ordeal.After 30 straight hours I arrived with possible hypothermia.I am 60 yrs. old and in the old days I was always able figure out how to get heat usually cable problems with door like opening and closing from the heater core opening.This systen seems to be on piece plastic and I can not esily get into the area behind glove box.Any thoughts? No mechanics would look at it right away and I was trying to beat the storm,which they are now getting.

I hope you have thawed out. Could you tell us what year Town&Country you have? Are you should the coolant level is correct?

When you say the heat does not come out, do you mean no air or that the air is not warm?

Thank you for your reply.It is a 1997.Coolant level is correct.The previous owner did tell me that the air conditioner was broken and it was too expensive to fix and since Florida is hot he sold the car.The blower work but seem to push the air that is inside the vehicle.I tried ever switch from outside circulation to closed ciculation-nothing but cold air blows out the varions vents and defroster.

Since the car apparently spent its life in Florida until you purchased the car, I wonder if the heater core may be plugged from lack of use. Flushing the heater core may be the problem. Warm the engine up and turn on the heater. After 5 minutes, both hoses should be warm. If one hose is warm and the other is not, the heater core may well be plugged. It also might be the case that the heater core has been bypassed since the a heater may not be needed in Florida.

Took the car into shop today and sure enough, Triedaq was correct,that a previous owner had the lines go to the rear heater core and did not return to the front core.I will not get into all the reccomended repairs.Thank you all for help.