2012 Chrysler 200 - cold air on passenger side

Heater puts out hot air on drivers side and cold air on passenger side. Not a good thing during upnorth Michigan winters. Mechanic flushed out hoses and replaced thermostat to no avail. Suggestions PLEASE!

Do you have the manual climate control (3 knobs) or the automatic one? The automatic one allows different temps to be set for driver and passenger.

Manual. 3 knobs.

In that case, I can’t think of a thing that would cause different discharge temps between the left and right floor ducts.

Thx for trying

I also have a 2008 Jeep Sahara that had hot air on the drivers side and cold air on the passenger side. Mechanic flushed the hoses and put in a new thermostat and it corrected the problem. Same type treatment didn’t work for theChrysler 200.

You only have one heater core in each car, the thermostat and heater core are either providing hot coolant to the core or not. Whatever your problem is, as long as your drivers side is getting heat your heater core and hoses are working. A mechanic should know this.

Drivers side is getting heat, passenger side getting cool on the Chrysler200. The Jeep had cold on the drivers side, hot on the passengers side. Flushing the hoses fixed the Jeep but didn’t work on the Chrysler.

OOPS! Stated it backwards. The Jeeps problem was opposite to the 200’s, with cold air on the drivers side and hot on the passengers side.

Flushing the hoses and rep;acing the thermostat did not fix either car. Just because it worked after that was done, doesn’t mean that fixed it. My guess is that your mechanic unknowingly knocked free a stuck vacuum operated door in your heating system.

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Concur w/above, one of the vent doors under the dash that directly heat to where it is supposed to go based on the heat mode selector is probably stuck. If these doors are vacuum operated and a vacuum hose has fallen off, that creates an engine vacuum leak and lean operation and may be noticed as the engine stumbling a bit at idle and slow speed driving.

Thx. Makes sense. Any idea how to fix a stuck vacuum operated door?

Car runs great so vent is probably stuck. Mechanic guessed that if he removed the radio he MIGHT be able to get to the problem. Does this make any sense?

It makes sense since all the relevant components are back there. This may, however, be one of those times where I recommend you take the car to a Chrysler dealer, where the techs will be more familiar with this car, and may have seen this exact issue before.

Appreciate the advice. Thx

No experience myself, but often these systems are designed by the manufacturer so that the one door that is most likely to fail is easily accessed, but the others , not so much. So it depends on which door is causing the problem.

Thx for the info.