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2018 Subaru Forester - aftermarket heated steering wheel kit

Aftermarket- heated steering wheel- In 2018, I bought a new Forester and wish I had gotten the heated steering wheel package. The car only has 5,700 miles.
Is there a decent aftermarket heated steering wheel that doesn’t cost $2000, or should I trade in my 2018 for one with the factory heated steering wheel? Either way, I’d like to minimize my out of pocket expense. Thanks. Warm heart, cold hands!

You can buy heater covers that plug into the cigarette light for between $40 and about $120 BUT, they have short cords for the most part and you obviously cannot drive with them on the wheel. You’d have to put them over the wheel with the engine running, warm the wheel and remove them for safety. I’d guess this is not the solution you’d like.

I didn’t find ANY kits that permanently install and warm your hands as you drive. You might be able to install a later steering wheel and electrics from a 2020 Subaru but that would be a kluge at best.

So time to trade.

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I keep a pair of warm driving gloves in the car for that, much less expensive fix :slight_smile:

Thank you. Yes, you’re correct about the short cord.
I tried this already and it failed to work after about 30 minutes during the install and test and the company refunded the $50.00.

Thanks for your opinion.

Thank you for that economical solution… :slight_smile:

Yep, they’re called cheap or expensive ‘gloves’ or ‘mittens’. Your body makes plenty of heat so if they’re insulated, why not buy these thousand year engineering marvels of woolen and/or synthetic tech?
Then there’s the Mercedes and Audi convertible seat cooling/venting in convertibles, which I can’t wait to imagine the wife yelling…“turn on that seat vent, you cooked a big quack and its a foul smelling dutch oven in here!!!”

Back in my motorcycling days I had a heated vest that I plugged into the bike. Heated gloves are available too. Here is an article that explains the different types. Not inexpensive, but cheaper than trading in.

Ed B.

If you went to an aftermarket steering wheel and if your car is still under warranty you will also null and void the warranty for any steering column problems or possible issues related to any wiring tied in with that heated wheel.,


If I had that problem myself I’d research what’s needed by consulting the factory service manual, Googling, utube vdos, etc. Then I’d visit the local recycling yards looking for a wrecked Subie w/heated steering wheel and nab all the parts I’d need for a retrofit.

If that’s not happening I’d search the rental car sales lots for a 2-3 year old Subie with heated steering wheel, and sell the current one.

Aftermarket kit? I don’t think so. Too risky.

Makes sense to first ask for suggestions at your dealership of course.