Heated seats

I have an '07 Saturn Relay. The drivers side heated seat has quit working, the passenger side works fine. When I turn the warmer switch on, the switch lights up but the seat never gets warm on the high or low mode of the switch. After a while the light on the switch goes off, it used to stay on all the time. What could be wrong and how can I check it?

You can check the connector underneath your seat…to make sure it is actually plugged in completely… YOu can also unplug that connector and measure voltage at the feed plug…What do you get? Aside from that you will probably have to run a resistance test on the plug that goes TO the Bun Warmer… If you get no resistance then you have a broken heater pad…They are replaceable…you just unzip the seat cover and “skin” the seat…the Bun warmers are underneath that…I HOPE they didnt incorporate the heater actually INTO the seat skin…NOT allowing you to replace it separately…that would SUCK…and be Xpensive.

SO…check your plug under the seat…Measure the voltage when you have the switch turned on… Then do a resistance test of the Bun Warmer itself… If the warmer has no resistance and you have it in your hands…maybe you can find the broken wire and simply fix it…thats what I would try faced with this issue…I try to repair everything I can before replacing it…if the repair is feasible enough

That should get you much closer to resolution


Which plug do I check. I looked and there were three or four plugs under the seat?

Dunno…find the one that gets powered up when you hit the Bun Warmer switch would be my best guess… One prob goes to the seat belt…so now there’s 3… You can figure it out I’m sure…one or two may be the electric motors in the seat… You will find it if you just poke around