Seat heating element

I have a 2007 Saturn Relay with what seems like a bad seat heating element in the lower part of the seat… Is this something that an average mechanic can change out or is it something that must be changed out by an upholstery shop?

Proving it to be the element is the hardest part.
Or is it the switch, plug, harness , timer/ thermostat/ control, fuse, ?

Replacing the element should be ok for the weekend DIYer.
The Saturn parts department can print you the parts diagram as an aid to repairs if you feel so inclined as to purchase the element first.

Checking the element is very easy if you can get to it. Just use the “ohms” setting on the multimeter. Make sure to disconnect the element first. If the reading is “infinity” then the element has an open. If it’s “0” then the element is okay. You would then have to check the switch, plug, harness, thermostat and fuse as Ken stated previously.