Seat heater

I have a 2007 Saturn Relay with heated seats. One of the seat heaters has quit working and now the other one gets super hot after it is turned on for a while. What is causing the seat to get super hot? I don’t want to burn up anything.

Sounds like the controls themselves are bad, perhaps the thermostat portion. I don’t know if these are controlled by a Body Control Module (BCM) as so many other things are these days, but perhaps someone on a Saturn forum would have some insight.

Sorry, I wish I could be more help, but I’m unfamiliar with the heated seat systems on Saturns.

I agree with @samemountainbike here. The only experience I’ve had with heated seats is with the ones in my daughter-in-law’s truck. She had me disconnect the one that was working because it got too hot. I have a theory that both seats must work off the same circuit and when one fails the other gets more current somehow.

I thought of that too, miissileman, but having them in series rather than parallel would seem too “3rd grade” to believe the designers would do that, and I can’t think of a way they could be in parallel and the failure of one would allow more current through the second. But, then, I don’t have the circuit schematic in front of me! If I did, I’d probably say “oh yeah, no wonder…”.

There are fuses and relays that could be causing the problem The BCM is supposed to control the temp using the sensor in the seat. The HVAC control sets demand.