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2015 Chrysler Town & Country - No seat heat

Front heated seat does not work. When I press the switch the light stays on for 3 sec and goes off. Checked the fuses in the fuse box and all good. Checked the wires underneath the seat and can’t see any problems.

Take it to an independant mechanic.They will probably find the problem quickly.

If the fuses and wiring are good then you need to see if voltage is getting to the heating elements. If power is good to the heating elements then they are open and need to be replaced.

If the control module detects an open circuit or a short circuit it will shut off the heated seat. The problem is usually inside the seat, does your independent mechanic perform upholstery repairs?


Agree with @Nevada_545. There’s probably a broken wire causing an open circuit. The wires in heated seats are subject to a lot of flexing.

It should be possible for a tech to confirm by a simple ohm-meter test whether the wires inside the seat are broken or not.