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Heat Shrink Tubing to fix Car Heated Seat element

I got an 03 Buick Lesabre and my drivers side heated seat isn’t working. I’m confident this is due to the heated seat element wires being broke. I was wondering if using heat shrink tubing to reconnect the wires would be a good or bad idea. If not a good idea, can someone give me another idea? I want something that’s not going to melt/burn.

Bad idea. Heat shrink tubing is meant to protect wires from the elements. You solder or connect the wires, then heat the tubing to shrink around the wire to seal it. It’s not meant to take any heat.

To connect two broken wires, you need a mechanical connector. Go to the hardware store and look around in the “GB” aisle or by the supplies for circuit boxes. What you want is a metal connector with two set screws to hold the wires together.

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I would not use a mechanical connector, but solder the wires. If you can find the break, strip the wires, slip a piece of heat shrink tube over one side, and then strand the wires together and solder them. Last, pull the heat shrink tube over the joint and use a heat gun to shrink it.

So am I.

Replace the seat heater element. The one you have now is already broken. The problem isn’t the heat, it’s that it’s been bounced around holding up someone’s backside for 18 years.


When we had a heated seat stop working we were told that replacing the entire element was the only thing to do because they did not want to be held liable for a repair that might start a fire.