Heated seats 1999



drivers heated seat got to where the lumbar section would get unbearably hot then quit working.Im thinking its more than just a fuse,will the element need changed? how bad of a job is it?I do most of my own work but have never had to deal with this problem


It sounds like the heating element in the seat failed.

The fix is to reupholster the seat with a new cover with the heating element.



yeah went to the dealer and they said i could replace the seat for 400.00 so the wife will have to use something on the leather on cold michigan days


The wife has one of these in her Jeep. http://www.comforthouse.com/winelseatcus.html Works pretty good!



Try a GM truck board. Maybe someone has a less expensive way.

I just looked at the link. It says “black synthetic leather”. I wonder if that is tanned from synthetic cow hide from synthetic cows