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Heated seat must be broken

Help - ideas needed
I have a drivers side heated seat. The seat itself is old, ripped and falling apart. The seat is under warranty and would be replaced for free if the heating element would stop working. How could I get this result without it being obvious I destroyed the heating element of the seat?

Sorry but sometimes you just need to man up and pay for your own problems instead of trying to screw someone else over.

+1 to Bing’s comment.

Additionally, I have to question how a seat that is “old, ripped and falling apart”, could possibly be “under warranty”. If the OP could explain this curious inconsistency to us, perhaps we might have more empathy for his situation.

+2 for @Bing and BTW…any good mechanic or technician could tell if the seat was purposely damaged.

I’ve seen lots of car warranties, both from the factory and the aftermarket. I have never seen a warranty that will cover a seat.

I have seen warranties cover seat heaters. Seat heater quit? The warranty company will repair or replace it, minus any deductible you may have. I’ve done that many times for customers.

There’s a problem with your scenario.

That is that if you break your seat heater and take your car in for this you’ll get the car back with a working heater and the same jacked up padding an upholstery. Your warranty won’t pay for a new pad or upholstery even if it is torn. I’ve replaced heater elements and put the same worn and torn pad and covers back on the seat because the customer is too cheap to buy new.

The seat is “old, ripped, and falling apart” as it is described so I also wonder what type of vehicle and warranty is being discussed.

I could relate a method of wiping out the seat heater in 5 seconds but I’m a bit adverse to helping you participate in what looks to be a devious action against a seller and/or insurer.

If YOU were the seller or insurer would you take kindly to a car owner doing this to you? I thought not.

*Help - ideas needed*

Here’s an idea, don’t use public forums to enlist people to aid and abet the commission of a fraudulent act.

I think your best bet would be to contact the guys named in this thread I am sure they will know just the right person to help you out.


I guess I don’t understand what you mean. If the seat is under warranty, and it is ripped and falling apart, wouldn’t the warranty cover that? And if the warranty only covers the heating, then if you somehow caused that to fail, wouldn’t the warranty only cover fixing the heating? So the warranty would simply fix what you broke, and you’d be back in the same position you are now? Or is there some subtle warranty thing involved?

Or, seat heater may not be broken? Is that a question? The threads title should be, how do I break the seat heater so I can use my warranty.

The seat heater apparently works. Warranty repairs (unknown at this point) may cover a seat heater as that could be considered a mechanical failure.

Scuffs, rips, and so on would be considered normal wear and tear and not subject to warranty. Sounds like someone is trying to spiff up the ragged ride with new seats on someone else’s dime.

The pull a part salvage yard here gets about 25 bucks for an electric seat; a pittance compared to moral turpitude.

@Jab8800 must be a politician or a used car salesman.

Takes some Kahonies to come here asking how to cheat!!!


^If he were a pol, he wouldn’t need to ask :wink: