Heated seat causes fire

I have a '95 Volvo Stationwagon with heated seats. However, the passengers side seat has a short or broken wire that when ever it is turned on…starts burning the seat and possibly causing a fire. I have taped the button down yet I want it totally disconnected. How can I safely disconnect the passengers side seat heating system?

Cut the wires going to the heater, fold them over and tap them off.

Assuming you want the drivers side to function and they are independently controlled, , then likely you could cut the wire between the switch and the relay (if there is one) or if no relay then after the switch. Be sure to insulate the cut ends.

Another possibility IF the passenger side of this '95 does not have a warning light for the passenger seatbelt is to simply unplug the plug under the seat through which the connection is made.

I mention the light because if it has one unplugging the plug may disable the sensor in the seat that might be necessary to shut the warning light off. In that case you’ll need to get a schematic and be sure you cut the right wires.

I wonder why the fuse or breaker isn’t getting involved in this,pulling enough current to start a fire but not blow the fuse.

I wondered about that also, but remember that seat needs a lot of energy to provide heat. If you take that same total amount of energy and put it in one spot rather than over all the seat, it is going to overheat but not use more total energy so the breaker would not trip.

There likely is at least one plug under the seat. If only one unplug it. If multiple see if one works with seatbelt chime or power seat.

Thankx everyone!