Headliner fabric problem

I have a 1998 Cadillac STS. The fabric on the sliding door that covers the moon roof window on the inside is drooping. It is not ripped. It is almost like it was glued on originally and the glue has dried out. Is there an easy way to stretch and reattach this fabric without pulling out the headliner and the sliding door? The remainder of the headliner is perfect.

You could try staples or thumb tacks.

The only good way to repair sagging headliner is to replace it. Headliner material is the cloth attached to a thin foam. The foam is glued to the styrofoam headliner shell. Over time the foam deteriorates and turns to powder and the fabric sags. There is no way to glue powder.

You can get matching factory headliner material and the heavy duty spray adhesive and other supplies from atrim.com out of Ok City. They are cheap, ship fast, and have quality materials. For $20-30 and a little work you can fix it properly. (Also it probably won’t be too long before the rest of it starts coming down so maybe order enough to have on hand.)

You can buy headliner kits. Several years ago, I saw one reviewed on Motor Week. They got the kit at Pep Boys. Call a few auto stores like Pep Boys and see if they have them in stock or can order them. BTW, Motor Week like the kit they reviewed.

Thanks for the information.

Bing–my sagging fabric is only on the moon roof sliding door. There is no foam underneath it. The fabric appears to be glued directly to the metal sliding door. To reglue this fabric do I have to remove the entire headliner to get the door out? I hate to do that as the remainder of the headliner is like it just came out of the factory. I doubt it would ever be the same if I took it down and put it back up. Thanks.