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2006 Honda Ridgeline headliner is loose

The fabric headliner in my Ridgeline has come loose and is hanging down. Any suggestions about sticking it back up or replacing it.

You can buy cans of headliner adhesive (try Amazon) that can be sprayed on the fabric and re-stuck to the headliner panel.

What you’re proposing won’t work very well, and it will look horrible

Find a reputable auto upholstery shop, and tell them you need them to redo your headliner

Depending on if you have a sunroof or not, it might cost you between $200 and $300 dollars

My car already had the headline hanging when it was 7 years old, but I waited a few years, until it was really an eyesore, before I ponied up the money at the upholstery shop

So you’re pretty fortunate to have gotten 12 years out of it

db4690’s method will get you the best looking result, no doubt about it. Depending on the vehicle and its roof configuration, it can be a time-consuming and therefore expensive job, that’s the downside. If you google utube vdos on headliner replacement, you can see what’s basically involved. If you want a solution that’s cheaper and quicker, I wouldn’t suggest just re-gluing with the headliner adhesive. I’ve tried that method and the best thing about the ugly result I achieved was it didn’t hold up very long … lol … If you want an inexpensive fix that looks at least somewhat presentable, pinning the existing headliner back up to the roof with an array of straight pins is what I’ve done before. It doesn’t take much time, so worth a try at least.

The best looking repair will be a professional repair at a body or upholstery shop, but if you don’t care what the repair looks like, I repaired a couple head liners using a standard office stapler. You just open it up and jam staples straight into the board behind the lining.

This comes up from time to time and everyone has answers from sticking pins in it to making a brace to keep it up. If you want to fix it though, it needs to be replaced. There is foam attached to the cloth and with heat and age the foam deteriorates into powder. You can’t glue powder. You can have it replaced or do it yourself. I have done several and have gotten matching material from Atrim out of OK or from a local auto supplier. You have to take the shell out, scrape the old stuff off and use heavy duty 3M spray adhesive to glue the new on.


Yes. That’s the reason my attempt to re-glue didn’t last long.