Headliner board is sagging

the headliner fabric itself is fine, but the board is what has sagged. i got an office clip holding it in place at the moment, anyone know what i should do? It is a 1999 35th anniversary gt if you need to know. Ps im new to car repairs and diy car stuff.

Other responders here can suggest adhesives and techniques for DIY. I would first check with automobile upholstery shops. The cost might be low enough that you will be happy to have it done professionally – and it will look good as new.

Mustang parts are generally widely available so Google “Mustang headliners” and you’ll find multiple parts suppliers and do a search for a good Utube video on how to do it.

An auto upholstery shop is the easiest and will do the best job but on most cars this is a safe diy job if you don’t mind a lot of twisting and turning.

Replacing the headliner will require you to remove the seats to provide enough space to get the new headliner in without damaging it. I’d pay someone to do this job even though I am a very experienced DIY’er.

You don’t tell us what year your Mustang is but being a Mustang, you likely can get new parts fairly easily from specialists.

I am assuming a 1994 to 2004 Mustang… so here it is:

You might look for some Mustang headliner replacement videos, see if you’re able to do it. I’d have a shop do it, but that’s me.

I don’t quite understand what is not good. The fabric has a foam rubber backing that usually turns to powder and that’s what comes down. It is glued to a cardboard or Styrofoam shell. So is the shell bad or the material?

At any rate the guy I used for upholstery before he died said he guarantees headliners to the first stop. Yeah the first stop sign. If you want to do it right, then you have to remove the shell, scrape off the old material, glue new material to it, and put it all back again. You can get new matching material from Atrim out of Oklahoma or an upholstery supply outfit in a major city. You use a couple cans of 3M heavy duty spray contact cement, and like doing Formica, lay down half at a time using paper to avoid the other half sticking, if you want a wrinkle free job. I’ve done several of my own and wouldn’t hesitate doing it again. Hard part is getting the shell out and back again, and scraping the old stuff off-trying a variety of scrapers. If you don’t want to do a professional job, just stick the stuff up there with a wooden or wire bow and sell the car.

Or you buy what’s listed above, the whole thing, all new.

It is a 99 4.6 v8 35th anniversary edition

Pretty good guess, huh?

We would expect nothing less from a guy calling himself “Mustangman”. Are they all charcoal grey though? Of course the hot sun is what does them in so you have some of that.

Headliners are a time and temp failure. S197 cars… 2005 up… are just getting old enough for headliner problems. The SN95 Mustangs are 94 to 04 and are right in that sweet spot for those problems.

Not sure is they all were charcoal gray, but that’s what is available from that source. There are tons of companies making stuff for Mustangs. If he wants white, or other colors, I’m sure they are available somewhere.

It is the foam board beneath the fabric

Damn good guess man

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Cj’s Pony parts lists the same headliner but with four color options.But for $307.99


Just wanna mention that if the headliner board is good and you’re OK with light gray, you can get the foam backed fabric @ Joanne Fabric for $30 and a can of the glue for about $10.
Cheap way to try out your skills.

As the OP posted…