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Headlights won't come on, Dodge Dakota 4WD 2002

The parking lights come on, the turn signal lights work, the interior lights and high beams work. Could it just be a fuse or two?

Could be the multi-funtion switch.

It could be just burned out low beams. People often don’t notice when the first one goes out but when the second one goes they notice it is dark.
If you have a test light, see if the headlight is getting juice. If you don’t have a test light just try installing a new headlight.

All good possibilities, but first I’d check the fuse.

Standard headlights are 55W each, together they pull just over 9 amps, so they have a fuse of their own. The fuse can go out without affecting the other lamps.

Oldtimer’s comment about people not noticing when one bulb goes out until the other does also a very, very true observation. Happens all the time.