Need headlight help please

I have a 2000 dodge Dakota, 4.7, 4 x 4
headlights (low beams) will stay on for a bit then go out. (high beams have been no problem always come on)
ground has been checked, headlamp switch has been changed, multifunction switch has been changed. all of these worked for a bit and all of a sudden I go to leave work and bam low beams dont work. I had to flip to high then back to low for them to come on. they stayed on entire way (1 hour) home.
have no idea what is going on. I was told could be corroded sockets or a broken wire somewhere. need help. its awful dark going home.

Try changing both bulbs.

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When you take out the bulbs examine the socket closely, they could be corroded. You might try a electrical contact cleaner. WD-40 brand and CRC both offer plastic compatible spray cleaners. I would install new bulbs at the same time.

As I read your post both low beams are doing this at the same time. I would guess there is a wiring problem somewhere between your switch an the headlights. That could Take a long time to locate. I wish you luck.

If I remember correctly there is a Central Timer Module on your truck that controls the exterior lights. Sounds like that may have failed.

A separate circuit breaker (fuse) is used for low and high. You could have a faulty breaker for the low beams too. I had that problem with one car and turned out it was the sensor for automatic lights. I just pulled the fuse for it and never did fix it. Just meant I had to turn the lights on myself.

bing…I have to turn lights on myself anyway. thanks

Are you using regular bulbs? If you have bulbs that draw more power, the TIPM is detecting the excess and is shutting down the circuit to protect the wiring. Or the TIPM may be failing.

nybo at another time I had asked about a tipm. I was told that my truck is too old for a tpim.