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Electrical Problem

So my 96 Dodge Dakota’s instrument lights went out a couple days ago, I thought it was just a fuse, so naturally I check all the fuses. Come to find out they’re all fine, I replaced a few to see if maybe it was just an old fuse. Still nothing. Then last night I noticed that the instrument lights came on between off and on for the lights. So I assume its a wiring problem. Then as I drove down the road I hit a bump and all the lights went off then kicked back on. Needless to say I can’t drive around with lights that won’t stay on. Where should I check for the cause of this problem?

More than likely, the contacts in the headlight switch are just worn out.

Hi, I got stopped by the Highway Patrol once for driving at night without tail lights. The officer asked me if the dash lights were out. I said yes (they had been for some time). He told me that is an indicator that the tail lights are out. I didn’t know that. He told me to drive home with the blinkers on (different filament from tail lights) and change the bulbs. Problem solved. Also check the fuse. Your mileage may vary.