Headlights keep going out

2000 dodge Dakota.
headlights keep going out. 1st time they went out u could just flip to highs and back and they would stay on. a different time they kept going off and coming back on. this morning they came on but driving they went out and wont come back on. high beams work. the headlight switch was replaced bout a week ago.

Google Dodge TIPM

The multifunction switch (that you use to activate the brights) is a possible culprit.

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The Totally Intergrated Power module did not exist in 2000.

Chrysler didn’t install Totally Integrated Power Modules in their vehicles until the model year 2007.


oops … that’s what I get for doing my onw thinking … lol …

Ok, here’s the next ideas …

  • check lighting circuit z1 ground
  • verify low resistance connections all the way from battery to bulb
  • test headlight switch circuit breaker
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Yes, I had a headlight switch replacement fix a similar… but it was older than this rig. Finally a trucker told me about the circuit breaker in the switch.