Brake lights won't work

Have a 92 Dodge Dakota. The brake lights stopped working. All of the other lights in the back work. Any suggestions.

Fuses check out? Switch on the brake pedal?

Fuses all good. I’ve heard about the switch on the brake pedal. Is there a way to test it?

If the switch is good it should have no voltage across the connections when the brake is pressed and 12 volts when the brake is released.

Do you have a 3rd brake light? If so, does it work?

If it doesnt work (and the bulb is good), then the problem is most likely the brake pedal switch, adjustment, or wiring.

If it does work, but the remaining brake lights dont work, then the problem is most likely the turn signal switch in the steering column, or wiring.

No third brake light. Changed the switch and nothing. Just found out turn signals don’t work either. Any suggestions.

No turn signals work?

Have you checked the bulbs?

Fuses good, new brake light switch, right? Now turns signals out, too. Test the bulbs, then see if you have current to the bulb sockets. This could be a wiring problem.

Do the front turn signals work, or all they all out?

The front turn signals don’t work either. I’ll check the bulbs. If it is a wiring problem what is the easiest way to track it down?

This really sounds like a bad fuse. Try replacing it, even if it “looks” good.

Good idea. One problem I don’t have the owners manual. Any websites that would list the fuse locations. I’ve looked everywhere.