Headlights on 2001 Civic quit working on low beam

About 4 days ago the low beams just died. I replaced both left and right bulbs although I figured that wouldn’t remedy the problem. I’ve checked the fuses in the interior and under the hood. There was only a fuse designated for the left headlight and right headlight, no fuse for low beam or high beam. Is there possibly another fuses or something not found in the fuse boxes? I doubt that I will be lucky enough to have this be as simple as a fuse though. Help please.

Have you checked for another fuse/relay box under the hood?

I’m not familiar with your type of car so I can’t be accurate with answers.

If there isn’t any, your problem may be the headlamp hi/lo switch.

If, in this vehicle that means the multi-purpose switch on the steering column, that’s it.

You could use a voltage tester (or continuity tester) and test the wire from the switch to the headlamp as one of those wires MAY be damaged.

There may be a loose or corroded ground connection.

But, I’m putting my money on the steering column multi-function switch. Sorry.

Geez, it sure would be nice if I could re-read your post while I’m trying to answer it.

Forget my comment on the fuses, I see you’ve already checked.

The owners manual for my 02 Sonata shows the location of the low & high beam relays, under the hood in the “underhood junction box.”

See if your owners manual has this same info.

I have no idea if a civic also uses headlight relays, but it probably does.

If it does have high & low beam relays try swapping them with each other.

I’m not sure what a relay is but the owner’s manual’s lists of fuses has “left headlight” and “rigth headlight”. I checked those and they were okay.

BTW, I really appreciate all of youyr input.

If all fuses check out alright, I’d suspect the low beam relay.

Where can I find the low beam relay?

Theres probably a relay/fuse box under the hood.

Remove the top & flip it over, there should be a list of fuses/relays.