06 Civic headlights not working

The low beams on my 06 Civic stopped working. All the rest of my lights appear to be working, except the low beams. I’ve checked the fuses and they all seem to be intact. I haven’t pulled the lamps yet, but from what little of the filaments that can be seem, they seem to be intact too. Any suggestions?

It is possible that both bulbs have the filament burned out for the low beams. You may have had one bulb out for a while and not noticed it. Also, unless you replaced a bulb, these bulbs are the same age and have burned the same number of hours. If you have access to a voltmeter or test light, you could check for power at the bulbs on the low beam side. If you don’t have power, then you could have a defective headlight relay, a bad dimmer switch or a bad connection.

Pull and check the bulbs. It’s almost impossible to properly see the filaments through the headlight lens. Also check the wiring and make sure everything is connected, and check the low beam relay.