Headlights that don't light!

My car is a 2005 Dodge Caravan SXT. After turning on my headlights, sometimes they go off and then come back on. It happens when moving(driving) or not moving. Suggestions for locating a problem and repairing?

The headlight system is protected by a circuit breaker so if it is drawing too much current, it will flip the breaker. Once it cools a little, it will come back on. So either you have a defective breaker, or something is causing too much of a load when the lights are on. Possible culprits would be a bad headlight switch, bad wires, bad connections at the headlights, bad headlight relay, and so on.

My first suspect would be an intermittent switch.

When you say intermittent switch, are you referring to the actual on/off switch on the dashboard panel?

The switch for headlights is what I meant.