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Electrical short?

Now, I?m a bit confused. I just returned from reexamining the 1991 pathfinder and found a very different situation.

A friend suggested that if the hazard lights don?t work the signal lights wouldn?t either. So, I reconnected the negative side of the battery and pressed the hazard switch. It works. Then I noticed that there is a clicking sound that seemed to have the same tempo as the hazard lights but a different sound?flatter. Outside, all signal lights were flashing, all around the SUV. (The hazard lights were not lighting up or flashing.) I closed the driver?s side door for safety and the flashing stopped. I opened the door and it started again.

The way the problem showed up this time seems to point directly at the door switch being in cahoots with some other function like the four-way flasher. Does anybody agree with that?