How do I get moisture out of the headlight covers? They are completely covered with water droplets.

If the bulbs are the type you remove from the rear you could try removing the bulb and blowing it out for a while with a hair dryer. Caution not to touch the bulb with your fingers as that can cause the bulb to fail. I would use a low temp setting.

The only way I have found to correct the problem is:

  1. Remove entire headlight housing from car.
  2. Fill with distilled water
  3. Observe and mark the location of the leak(s)
  4. seal the leak with soft sealant (like bathtub caulking)
  5. Dry out with warm sunshine, hair drier, oven set at 150F, or just time in a dry place.
  6. Reassemble

In my opinion anyway, it’s caused by not enough ventilation in the headlamp housings. Heat from the lamps will attract moisture like a window sweating on a home.

My Lincoln was pretty bad about this problem due to the high humidity here in OK. I solved my problem by venting the bottom of the housing with a 1/4" hole and running a small nylon air line from another hole in each housing to a T-fitting. A single hose was then routed from the T to a fitting I installed on the air filter housing. (outside of the filter element)
Any moisture and heat is extracted by the running engine pulling air through the housings.

Maybe an iffy deal if you decide to go this route and had to pay someone to do this. For a DIYer it’s viable.

Sorry OK but I don’t see how that would / can extract anything…In order to suck moisture out, you would have to let dry air in…Besides, the air filter housing offers no suction…

These plastic buckets usually leak where the bulb snaps in…

The housings don’t leak. They’re epoxied together and the bulbs are sealed with O-rings.
There are now 2 holes in the housing; one for the air line and the other is an air intake hole where outside air enters.
The running engine keeps air moving through the housing at all times.