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Headlight bulb types

The picture attached are the headlights that were on the Tahoe when we got it. Can anyone tell me what kind these are? I found some that I think are the same, but not sure (the listing said " Replace® - Diamond-Cut Driver and Passenger Side Chrome Euro Headlights". I know, we can find out by taking the lenses off, but we’d rather go through that trouble when they actually need replaced. We’re just curious about the type & pricing for when the time comes.



looks like aftermarket HIDs installed into the housing not intended for that

think about innocent ongoing drivers your lights are blinding with excessive glare

very likely your vehicle is suppose to use regular halogen bulbs and they are replaced at the back of the housing, from under the hood

moreover, any non-white colors like green or blue give you worse down-the-road visibility than even regular bulbs, unless excessive wattage bulbs are used, which is illegal and immoral

check your glove box for the owner manual, it will list the proper bulbs type to be used

Without seeing the lamps in person almost impossible to say what they are. Why worry about price now because that could change several times before you actually need them.

this should still only require the standard 9005 and 9006 headlight bulbs for low and high beam, Available at any parts store with some options being brighter than others.

Removable lenses? Seems unlikely, the bulbs are installed from the back of the lamp. I can’t tell how old your truck is but those headlights appear to be non-conforming aftermarket units, HID bulbs for both low and high beam operation and no projector lenses. Open the hood and look for sloppy loose wiring and HID ballasts lying around.

If this were my truck I would install aftermarket direct replacement headlamps with original halogen bulbs before the police identify me as a troublemaker that needs an interview on the side of the road.


I was actually meaning the type (I.e, HID, LED, etc). And while they may well be HID’s, they aren’t blinding bc they’re tilted down. And the high beams are just regular bulbs, not HID. But we do have that little black box under the hood.