Cataract operation for Chevy Tahoe?

My 98 Tahoe has the usual cloudy headlight lenses. I have got the solution you can buy and cleaned them. Trouble is, especially on one of them, most of the problem is on the inside of the plastic. Now, I know you’re supposed to buy the whole headlight assembly. But, does anyone know whether you can take these things apart, clean the plastic, and put it back?

That would save a few bucks!

I wonder if the moisture, collecting on the inside of the headlamp lens, is from a lack of an opening for the moisture to exit. You could drill a hole in the bottom of the lens, and turn the headlights on long enough for the heat to drive the moisture out. Afterwards, maybe you should leave the drilled hole OPEN.

It’s just plastic junk…The only solution is to replace them. Or take a sawzall to them and install a glass sealed beam in the resulting hole.

I agree with Caddyman. The switch from glass to plastic has caused untold crashes due to poor visibility. I see vehicles on the road all the time that have “yellow” beams indicating obscured plastic lenses.

I found new ones on for $30-$50 each, hardly worth messing with, just get new ones. Look under ‘headlamp assembly’.

I had the same problem with a Ford Taurus. I took a utility knife and very carefully ran it around the center ridge until it opened, then cleaned all of the factory sealer off the lense. Then wash it with a good dish soap and rinse very good and dry t good. Then using a good out door silicone sealer reseal the parts back together. Make sure to leave the weep holes open or you will get the same problem again. If there are no weep hols make a couple in the bottom of the lens. I updated to the new type lamp which is brighter.

I don’t know Rock Auto. Have people had good experiences? Most places want about $80 for these.

A number of folks here recommend it highly, I’ve not used it. Just saw an ad for it today in the Wall Street Journal, so it’s no fly-by-night operation.

I’ve bought from Rock Auto and they were reliable and prompt. They will send you lots of email ads.