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Old Yota Question

I have an older vehicle (1977 Toyota Pickup) and I was wondering about changing my headlights. I have 4 headlights two for high beams and two for low beams do I have to buy two different lights or do they just have to be orientated differently? If it is just the orientation, how difficult is it to do it yourself?

Two different lights. The high beam only go on the inside and they have a two pronged bulb. The Hi/Low bulbs go on the outside and they have a three prong bulb.

First of all. change to what and second why.

I thought that if I bought a Headlight conversion kit and some new bulbs I could light everything up a little better when driving at night right now the lights are very dim.

These are the casings I was thinking about buying but now I am just wondering where to find the right bulbs, where can I buy the two prong and three prong bulbs? And will they fit those conversion kits?

Those are sealed beam headlights, just like the ones in your truck, I can’t tell if they are high beam only or Hi/Low bulbs. You should be able to find the head lights at any of the larger parts stores.

Part numbers are 5001 for the high beam and 5006 for the Hi/Low.

Those lamps in the kit are NOT sealed beams. The info describes H4, which is actually a bulb, not a sealed beam

I think the advantage to the kit is that the H4 bulbs are replaceable, without replacing the whole lamp. But they seem significantly more expensive than the 5001 sealed beam

Could you link the bulbs for me here keith? I cant seem to find them with just the part number.

Do you think it would make more sense then to buy headlight conversion kits without the bulbs in them and then just buy these two different bulbs you are talking about?

I really appreciate the help. I have never really done much work on vehicles but am I just sick of going to a mechanic and getting charged outrageous amounts for stuff like this.

According to the description they use H4 bulbs which are high/low (dual filament) and are readily available even at Walmart. But they could only be used for the outer headlights. Does JCW have a listing for the inner headlights?


The description states “bulb included”

If you’re going to go this route, just install the kit and go with it until the bulbs burn out. Which shouldn’t be for several years. then you can get an H4 bulb at any auto parts store

You can do this yourself It’s easy

Just to clarify, you can’t install bulbs in your truck without first doing a conversion. The lamps you currently have will NOT accept bulbs. It’s an all or nothing deal. That’s why your lamps are called sealed beam

Before you consider any conversions, I’d suggest getting the battery and charging system tested, as well as the beam direction checked. My '79 Toyota pickup was fine.

If these are both operating properly and the beam is properly adjusted, you may want to add driving lights. They make a big difference on those dark and rainy nights. I could be wrong, but I think the wiring harness for those trucks was wired to accommodate accessory driving lights, and a dealer’s parts guy might be able to look up the wiring diagram and the schematic and print you a copy.

Okay sounds good to me, but what do I use for the inner headlights/hi beam lights? A conversion kit without bulbs and add in some hi beam bulbs but what do I look for? Keith mentioned a two prong bulb. Does anyone have a link to a hi beam bulb specifically?

@LukeDoyle, if you choose this route, buy a pair of H7 bulbs for the two high beam lenses. The H7 bulb is single filament for high beam use and will fit the existing connectors in your truck. You can use the packaging from the H7 bulbs to put the H4 bulbs from the kit and instantly have a couple of spares.

BTW, has the original sealed beam lights for about $11 and $10 apiece.

I’m confused. I looked at the link provided by the OP and saw the Rampage bulbs described as halogen bulbs, specced at 55W (normal for headlamps), yet in the details it states “With HID insert kits”. Is this a quartz halogen bulb or a High Intensity Discharge bulb? Or is the marketing guy smoking dried foliage? I tried to see if there was an arc tube in the photos but was unable to tell. Anybody know?

I wish! @bustedknuckles I am canadian so when I search for the same thing on its double the price plus 10$ for shipping.

Also I think it would just be smarter in the long run to get the conversion kit so then I can replace the bulb if ever needed. So In conclusion two conversion kits one with the H4 bulbs in place and one without bulbs and then get some H7 bulbs and that should do it?

Any objections or suggestions?

@the same mountainbike - I noticed that too. Maybe they include the parts to further convert it to HID if desired.

Also - Would an H7 fit in an H4 opening? I’m wondering if the mounting tabs are different in dimensions to prevent this.

h7 and h4 bulbs do not have the same mounting

I believe h4 has 3 tabs, whereas h7 has one tab

I just looked up some pictures online, and it doesn’t seem as if they fit the same

so i would have to get an H7 conversion kit for the hi beams?

Would these fit the H4 Conversion kit? And act as high beams?