Headlight Lens 98 Tahoe



Mine are cloudy. I bought some of the cleaning compound, which worked–except that one of them is cloudy on the inside. I can’t easily see how to change those lenses–it looks like you’d have to disassemble a lot of stuff to get to it on the inside. Is that correct?


Typically the entire headlight assembly is changed, not just the lens. As you might expect, it’s an expensive replacement.


The plastic lense is glued to the plastic assembly and would be a bear to take apart. I had condensation inside the headlight assembly, is there any chance you have the same?

The headlight assemblies are held in by two clips, just pull up on the clips to remove the entire assembly. This is probably the only easy thing to do on my 2000 Blazer. I used paper towels wrapped around a stick pushed through the back of the assembly to blot up as much condensation as possible. I finished with a hair dryer to dry out the inside of the assembly


When I would write this defect down in the course of a used car inspection not one used car manager ever did one thing to remedy the situation,


The compound is okay but lights for that model have gotten super cheap. I am a diehard factory guy but there is no use in buying them from the dealer. Check on eBay and you can pick them up for about $30 per light (entire assembly). I just bought a set for mine and it was a little over $100 for new lights and turn signal lenses. Mine are TYC brand. Typically you’ll have to put them on and set the grill back in (temporarily) to see how it looks. They bolt to the core support with 4 10mm bolts that you can use for adjustment so they line-up in the grille holes correctly. That is separate from actual headlight aiming which you do when you’re finished. The grille has some small screws along the top and one or two around the bowtie. Remove the turn signals and then unplug the small marker lights at the lower left and right side of the grille. Release the clips that hold the lower filler (painted piece) as it can stay bolted up. Once you have the grille off you can see the bolts that hold the lights. It’s not much more than the defogger kit to just buy new stuff plus theres no elbow grease. Besides nothing will look as good as the new ones. Also, you cannot tell any visible difference in the TYC light and the OEM stuff.