Halogen Headlights

I just recently bought a car which doesnt have halogen headlights. My question is there a bulb I can buy without having to rewire the lighting and is there a halogen fog light somewhere?

You need to tell us what the car is, year, model etc.

its a 08 Dodge Avenger

Halogen lamps have been the standard for years. What makes you think yours are not Halogen? There is little else they could be…

I think you’re getting halogen headlights confused with high intensity discharge lights. Halogen, also called quartz halogen, are conventional tungsten filaments encapsulated in a fused quartz bulb filled with a halogen gas. The halogen gas allows the filament to burn hotter without burningout, thus getting more light out. The quartz bulb will withstand the higher temperatures.

High intensity discharge lamps, called HIDs, actually get the light from an electrical discharge between two electrodes. While HIDs provide more intense light, they also tend to blind oncoming drivers.

In my opinion, if you need more light, then either your headlights are incorrectly aimed or you’re simply driving too fast. Halogen lamps properly aligned provide plenty of light for all but off road driving.

well not necessarilly. The hallogens on my 93 MR2 suck. And that’s putting it nicely.

If you need more light, go get yourself a set of Piaa 1100X driving lights. BRIGHT, legal, and um. BRIGHT.

While HIDs provide more intense light, they also tend to blind oncoming drivers.

I HATE THEM I HATE THEM I HATE THEM! If I ran the circus, I’d immediately outlaw all HIDs and “aftermarket look-alike bright blue bulbs”, with summary execution for using them. There’s no excuse in blinding oncoming drivers just so you can drive a bit faster at night! By the way, if your headlights were not originally designed for HIDs, it’s guaranteed that aftermarket bright blue bulbs will be mis-aimed and poorly focused.

HIDs are too blue and too intense for fog. You’ll notice that fog lights tend to be amber.

The comparison was to the old “sealed beam” lights we had in the '60s, before quartz halogen. they were pretty dim by comparison.

I agree, I took a look at the Dodge website and don’t see an option for headlamps. This usually means that there is no HID lamp option for this vehicle, and halogen lamps are your only choice. But, to be sure, your owner’s manual will list the bulb type for replacement. You can check this to see the type lamps you actually have.

If you are looking for an HID replacement for an existing halogen setup, you’re out of luck. The housings are not designed for HID, and there is no legal way to change the system. Aftermarket kits result in poor light patterns and can be dangerous to oncoming vehicles.

Sometimes rewiring the headlights with a second set of relays and more robust wires improves the brightness considerably. You need no other equipment.

The old sealed-beam Halogens, like the 6014-H outperformed most of todays cheap plastic bucket styling exercises being passed off as headlights. That’s why large trucks STILL use them…GLASS lens NEVER turn yellow and diminish light output.

As others have pointed out, your car has Halogen headlights, as do all other cars unless they have HID headlights, which are completely different. Switching to HID lights will be very expensive, if not impossible.

I’ve had very good luck with Sylvania XtraVision halogen bulbs. They are NOT tinted blue or any other color, but provide a bit more light than standard halogen replacement bulbs.

I’ve tried many brands and types or replacement bulbs, and the XtraVision bulbs work better than anything else for me.