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Headlight alert light

VW Jetta
My driver’s side headlight socket needed to be replaced so I did so and changed both bulbs. However my headlight light on my dash is still on. Both lights are working however the passenger side socket looks a little corroded and a little damaged. Could the light be alerting me to a impending problem or does the light need to be reset?

Is that headlight light blue by any chance?


What are you insinuating??:smile:

Try switching the headlights from their bright mode to their dim mode a few times. If that doesn’t do the trick, probably a higher-than-allowed resistance connection somewhere in the circuit. The corroded and damaged socket you observed would be the likely suspect.

You know EXACTLY what I am insinuating! :grin:

Inquiring minds want to know!

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While I have no desire for returning to the old dim sealed beams they were certainly far less complicated.

I’ve had more than a few folks come to me saying that their High Beams don’t work, with the solution to be to actually turn the headlights on- instead of running around with the DRL’s on…


I recently passed a small sedan after dark showing no rear lights. Dash lights on and DRLs. I’m changing Daytime Running Lights to Dim Running Lights with Dim serving a dual purpose by also describing the operator.

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