Volkswagon Beetle 2001


Ever since I took it to the VOlkswagon place the headlites have not worked right. They replaced the brake relay switch and I got my car back and the low beams quite working. Replaced bulbs same thing happen 4 months later. Hi beams worked but low beams did not. Drove around with just Hi beams for two months but did not use car much at night. Now my left headlite went out all together and right one is only hi beam. So replacing lights again. Mechanic can’t find anything wrong surges or electrical??? Please help don’t want to replace lites any more


Check the voltage. It sounds like it is going high. You may well end up with a new battery as well since they don’t like voltages too high.


Take it back to the Volkwagen people. Yoou should have done that before another mechanic touched it.