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Headlighs on all the time

I have a 01 Tahoe and the headlights come on with the ignition. I heard that by pressing the “dome override” button 4 times would turn them off during the day. Replaced the switch several times, and the ambiant sensor, and no luck. My question…is there any way I can bypass the DRL circuit and control the headlights with the switch?

This might be your day time running lights, I doubt you can by pass these. FWIW while my cars have day time lights I always turn my lights on full.

I believe you have to do that every time you start the truck.

There is a DRL fuse that resides in the fuse box accessible by opening the driver’s door and pulling off the cover on the side of the dash. Pull the fuse, the DRL’s will go out, headlights will work properly.

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All I know is that in certain situations I have noticed a vehicle with DRL that I might not have without them . I think they are a good safety item , trucking companies have there drivers turn on the headlights all the time for the same reason.

Here are my fuses??? GM must have left that one out, ulless they called it something else??



Maybe it’s in the fuse block under the hood.

The DRL fuse 10 amp is located in the fuse box under the hood.


Why worry?

Wish it would work!! Have pulled the fuse, relay and still burning. Only way is to pull the two headlight fuses!

Could you bypass, sure but I would not suggest it. You would really need to study the wiring diagram. I have found once you start cutting wires you are asking for more trouble. Any time I have had to change or wire something into a car I make up a separate harness and leave the factory wiring alone.

Was this car made for the Canadian market ?

If it is, and is like my Ford Ranger, there is no easy/cheap way to disable the DRLs.

Me? I dont have a problem with the feature at all, the OP asked if it could be bypassed and while it could I said I wouldn’t suggest it.

My post was not supposed to be to DRK .

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@Nick_Smith What is your problem with a simple safety item . It has hardly any effect on fuel mileage if any . Very little reduction of the headlight life span . Your vehicle is 18 years old so are the wires and connectors so it might be best to leave them alone.

First take a look at your tail lights to see if they are on. If not it’s the daytime running lights so that people can see you better and not run into you. I’m not sure why you would want to defeat that feature.

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The problem is…You are supposed to be ab le to turn them off. I thought maybe someone would have run into this same thing. I wasn’t looking for advice on the reason for them. I drove for almost 60 years without them with NO problem!

No worries

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